Happy Thanksgiving!

As you sit down for dinner on Thursday, remember all of those burning questions you have about family traditions! Thanksgiving dinner is an amazing opportunity to recall old family stories, recipes, and traditions.

Uncle Sal…how is he your uncle? What about Grumpy Patsy…why was she always so grumpy? Did one of the nieces have a new baby? Do you have all those details? What about that nephew…what was the degree he just graduated with?

Instead of football, screens, and social media, what about a game of ‘Family Story Time?’ Are you the oldest person at Thanksgiving this year? Why don’t you tell the story of the Thanksgiving that Grandpa almost burnt the house down! Or the year you had to call the fire department on Grandpa.

Take time this year to be thankful for those who have come and gone before us. Maybe you can add a few details to your family tree!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from the Tuscarawas Co. Genealogical Society!