Researching your War of 1812 ancestors on the Internet

Last night Eric Johnson presented ‘Researching your War of 1812 ancestors on the Internet.’ It was the most informative lesson on military research I have attended.

Some of the websites he suggested –

Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records Automation web site

American State Papers, The Library of Congress


Mr. Johnson introduced us to the various branches of service and the length of duty. He went on to explain the differences between Land Bounties, Patents, and Land Deeds.  Pensions, whether for the soldier or spouse, and where to find them.

His basic theme – know when your soldier served, birth and death dates, and the spouses birth and death. These dates are most important when going online to further your research. Some sites are confusing and aren’t the most intuitive.

Other places to research he mentioned – The Ohio Historical Society,, and The Western Reserve Historical Society.

Thank you Eric for an informative lesson!