Surname Research Day in 2019

The Tuscarawas County Genealogical Society is planning on holding a Surname research day during 2019. We would meet at the library on a day that the library is closed so that we would have the library to ourselves. Anyone researching the surname for that day could bring in their information  for that surname to share and additional research could be done. If you are a member this day would be free to you. If you are a non member the normal $3.00 fee to use the library would apply.

If you are interested in participating in this program please send us the surnames you are interested in researching. We would need to have at least 3 people interested in the same surname to schedule a day. We will start with the surname that receives the most requests.

Just let us know what surname you would like to research by sending a letter to Tuscarawas County Genealogy  Society P.O. Box 83 Dennison, Ohio 44621-0083 or by e-mail at

The surnames we have requests for so far are Eichel, Knauss, Kreig/Krieg, Kees, Murphy, Patterson and Wagner.