Preservation and Restoration of Historical Memorabilia

March 3, 2019 found Brenda Cook presenting an informative presentation on Preservation and Restoration of Historical Memorabilia.

She advised those in attendance to consider the monetary/historical value of the article, along with the emotional value, potential cost, and risk of stability of the article.

Brenda also mentioned many enemies of a collector – acid, trees, bugs, spores, lignin, cardboard, newsprint, pvc, rubber bands, paper clips, humidity, mold, and the list continues.

As she advised us, she brought attention to those items we need to have in our ‘Collectors Toolkit.’ Those items would include – white cotton gloves, acid fast markers, #1 pencils, vacuum cleaners, kneaded erasers, acid fast glues, tapes, and labels.

Conservation isn’t an inexpensive hobby, but it is an important one to those of us who consider ourselves to be the family historian. Losing a family heirloom isn’t what we want to be known for in later years.

Thank you, Brenda, for your time and expertise.